China's ground-effect wing standard system research is basically completed

China's ground-effect wing ships have their own standards. At present, the research on the standard system of ground-effect wing ships including 219 standards has been completed by 702, of which 203 are reference standards for effective application in multi-year engineering development, and 18 are complete supporting standards. project. These 18 standards are expected to meet the development needs of China's ground-effect wing ships in the next 10 to 15 years. This is at the first National Defense Science and Technology Industry Standardization Forum held recently. 702 researcher Ye Xiu Nai introduced the reporter.

In recent years, the development of high-performance ships characterized by high speed, high wave resistance and high cost ratio has been very rapid. Since the 1980s, China has made great progress in the field of high-performance ship technology. The ship type developed by the 702, in addition to the ground effect wing boat, there are channel type planing craft, hydrofoil boat, small waterplane catamaran, TAP (amphibious transport platform), bubble boat, multi-hull ship, etc. And formed a high-performance ship technology with independent intellectual property rights, some areas have reached the world's advanced level, and research results are accelerating the transformation to real ship products. This puts an urgent need for the standardization of high-performance ships. Because of the advanced supporting standards, the design, construction and experiment of products can be standardized, simplifying, unifying, generalizing, serializing and modularizing, and improving the performance, quality and reliability of products. In July of this year, the new generation of ground-effect wing craft developed by 702 was put into use on Xingkai Lake for the first time, and the standard preparation work of the ground-effect wing ship was started in 2000, and the development of a new generation of ground-effect wing ship was launched. Played an excellent promotion.

Ye Hsu-nai, who has been engaged in the research and development of aircraft and ground-effect wing ships for a long time, said that the 702 was the first in the country to carry out research on ground-effect wing ships 40 years ago. At present, it has mastered the large-scale technology and the most advanced design of ground-effect wing ships. Technology, 8 of the 11 types of ground-effect wing ships successfully developed in China are the technical achievements of the institute, and the first-class series has also realized the first engineering application. But for a long time, China has not had its own standard for ground-effect wing. The world's first civil land-effect wing specification was promulgated by Russia in 1998. The first international standardization ship was standardized in 2002 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). IMO has defined the WIG. It is a "ship" and is a high-speed water transport vehicle, which lays a good foundation for its promotion and application.

Due to the lack of standards, China's ground-effect wingcraft has been designed with reference to aircraft specifications for many years, which makes the design of the ship's heavy flight performance and neglects the surface performance. "It is more like an airplane than a ship." In addition, the abundance of aerospace materials and components in the hull structure and system has made the cost of the ground effect wing ship high, which has affected the promotion. Therefore, in the preparation of the standard for the development of ground-effect wing ships in 702, designers are required to complete the transformation of the concept of ground-effect wing ships from “aircraft” to “ship”, so that the standards conform to the trend of technology development and can be used to develop safe and practical places. The effect wing boat plays an effective guiding role.
The substantive work of the standard study on ground effect wing ships was carried out around 2003. Based on the standard system of the ship industry in 702, the framework of the standard system of the ground effect wing ship is proposed, which lays a foundation for the integration of the standard system of the ground effect wing ship into the standard system of the ship industry. The Institute has successively collected two international advanced standards for the Russian Landscaping Ship Code and the IMO “Temporary Guide for Land Effect Wings”, organized translation and analysis in a timely manner, and absorbed the results of key technology pre-research, with reference to the same period. A large amount of information on foreign ground-effect wing technology has achieved the optimization of standard parameters. In 2006, the research on the standard system of ground-effect wing ship was basically completed.

In recent years, 702 also invited the old experts to compile the ground-effect wing model test technology into technical materials, and rescue and protect the valuable experience accumulated over many years of research. At present, 702 is still actively carrying out standardization work for other high-performance vessels.

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