Entrance and exit control technology features

1. Traditional ballot box technology
The so-called ballot box refers to the automatic throughput card device. In the early years, the number of cars in the city was low, and the ballot boxes were widely used in parking lots. The ticket box implementation technology is roughly as follows: when the owner enters the game, the card is manually taken, and the ticket box linkage gate is opened. The system records the arrival time and card number of the card; when the owner comes out, the card is returned, and the platform reads the card number and the time difference between the entry and exit. , combined with the charging rules for fee settlement.
Such a ballot box belongs to a semi-automatic device. The number of cards in the box is limited. When the card is warned or overfilled, manual intervention is required, so the intelligence is low, and the monthly card, lost card, empty card, The fee loophole brought by the temporary card. Not only that, the post-maintenance cost of the ballot box is large, and problems such as equipment failure maintenance and card loss frequently occur. In particular, when there are many vehicles entering or leaving the vehicle, the problem of low efficiency of entry and exit is particularly significant, especially in rainy and snowy days, which often brings a worse experience to the owner.
In general, although the box-box technology has brought certain conveniences, it still does not solve the problem of inefficiency in entry and exit.
2.RFID remote reading technology
The continuous popularization of the concept of Internet of Things and the orientation of national policies have greatly promoted the landing process of RFID electronic license plates. In the parking lot entrance and exit technology application, RFID long-distance card reading technology is a good substitute for Bluetooth long-distance card reading technology due to its penetration, stability, environmental protection, anti-interference, maintenance convenience and compatibility. Widely favored.
3. Video license plate recognition technology
The birth of video license plate recognition technology has brought new opportunities to the entire parking lot management industry. Dahua shares focused on video technology, deepened the video bonus, and launched a “video free card solution” in the parking lot industry. The program benefited from the long-term accumulation of video technology in Dahua shares, and the accuracy of video license plate recognition reached 99%. the above.
Dahua “Video Free Card Solution” captures and captures the license plate in the scene by means of the entrance and exit capture camera, records license plate information, entry/exit time, linkage gate opening/closing gate, and according to the established charging rules of the platform. Cost calculation. In addition to the manual charging of the booth, the charging method also supports the popular WeChat and Alipay scanning code payment, and can also pay with the self-service payment machine in the parking lot. The system's dependence on labor is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the efficiency of entry and exit, and also reduces the post-maintenance cost of the whole system. It can be said that the system can make the parking lot entrance and exit truly realize the unattended ideal state.

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