Use 20 years of JCB telescopic forklift

A few days ago, a farmer in Cheshire, England, was doing routine maintenance and found that a JCB telescopic forklift truck on the farm had quietly served them for 20 years and worked for more than 21,000 hours!

Use 20 years of JCB telescopic forklift

Back in 1979, farmers Alan and Caroline rented a 100-acre Stublach farm between Middlewich and Holmes Church. Then, under their hard work, they bought another 60 acres of land and rented an additional 500 acres of land to work with the eldest son Anthony. At the beginning, all loading and unloading operations were carried out by tractors with front shovel, the same way as other farms at the time. With the promotion and application of the telescopic forklift truck invented by JCB in 1977, the farmers gradually replaced the tractor with the JCB telescopic forklift.

In 1999, farmers Alan and Caroline bought the first JCB telehandler Loadall 530-70, which is still in use today. Now, the equipment has been in service for 20 years and is still used for daily work on the farm, such as feeding, spreading feed, carrying bales and so on.

The farmer Anthony said, “It was very simple when I chose JCB. I didn’t think much about it. Because we know that JCB is a famous brand, the quality is reliable and trustworthy. Although I knew that JCB is of good quality, I never thought it could be used for 20 years! This is a long time! This JCB is a great example. You can buy a JCB device and follow the requirements for maintenance. You can use it for 20 years! Now, this JCB has been working for 21,000 hours, performance and new There is no difference in the machine!"

The farm also bought a TM310S telescopic loader in 2010 and has now worked for more than 1,1,500 hours. (This article is from JCB Engineering Machinery)

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