A torpedo exploded in a villager's home in Hunan's Anhua County causing 2 deaths and 3 injuries

A torpedo exploded in a villager's home in Hunan's Anhua County causing 2 dead and 3 injured diesel generators | Diesel Generator Price / 2010-07-22

At 4:10 am on the 22nd, an illegally stored "torpedo" explosion occurred at 136 Yuqiao Formation, Yutang Village, Dongping Town, Anhua County, Hunan Province. Two people were killed and three were injured. A two-story brick house was destroyed.
After the accident, the Anhua County Party Committee and the county government attached great importance and immediately launched an emergency plan. The main leaders of the county party committee and county government quickly organized the county government office, county public security bureau, county safety supervision bureau, county fire brigade, county health bureau, and Dongping town. The people’s government and other relevant unit leaders rushed to the scene of the incident and actively launched rescue operations. After more than two hours of hard work, the victims were rescued from the rubble, and three injured people were promptly sent to the county People’s Hospital for treatment. There is currently no life-threatening, 2 The deceased were properly placed after work.
After the rescue work was completed, the Anhua County Party Committee and County Government immediately organized the relevant unit staff to convene the on-site office meeting to carry out a comprehensive deployment arrangement on the related issues such as the aftermath, investigation, fireworks and other related work, and immediately established Yutang Village in Dongping Town. In the joint investigation team of the July 22 explosion incident, the County Public Security Bureau established a criminal task force to initiate investigation.
At about 10 o'clock in the morning, Liu Yucai, deputy director of the Yiyang City Safety Supervision Bureau, Li Chao, director of the Yiyang Safety Production Emergency Rescue Command Center, and Liu Wei, chief of the fireworks and firecrackers supervision department, rushed to the scene and met with the leadership of the Anhua County Party Committee and County Government. The relevant technical personnel conducted an investigation of the accident site and initially determined that the accident was an illegally stored “torpedo” explosion.
After investigation, the three wounded were the owner Ouyang Deshan (male, born on July 12, 1960), Ji Yixi (who is the wife of Ouyang Deshan, born on March 14, 1964), and Ouyang Xinyu (Department of Ouyang Deshan The grandson, born on January 11, 2009, whose father Ouyang Haijun was the eldest son of Ouyang Deshan, and the two dead were Ouyang Weijun (the second son of Ouyang Deshan, born on June 22, 1983), Ouyang Bin (Ouyang The son of Weijun, born May 28, 2006). At present, the families of the victims are emotionally stable and the local social order is stable. (Finish)
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