Drum and another world-class high-thrust reciprocating machine construction

According to news from Shenyang Blower Group Co., Ltd., the group's newly developed 4M125(50) large-scale reciprocating compressor product developed for Sinopec Changling Petrochemical Company's 1.7 million tons/year residue refueling project was built last week. Processing can be put into use in November. This is another innovation in the localization development of high-thrust reciprocating compressors after the Group has just completed the manufacture of 2D125(50) reciprocating compressors for 2.6 million tons of wax oil hydrogenation units of Sinopec Nanjing Jinling Petrochemical Company. So far, both products of Shengu Group have filled the gap in the manufacturing of the world's top high-strength reciprocating reciprocators.
Experts in the industry assessed that the 4M125 large-scale reciprocating compressor is advanced in technology, safe and reliable, with a world-class level, saving investment, and can completely replace imports. This achievement proves that our country is fully capable of realizing the localization of multi-row and super-large reciprocating machines. The localization of large compressors has provided strong technical support for the sustained and healthy development of the petrochemical and coal chemical industries.
At present, Shengu Group 4M125 (50) large-scale hydrogen compressor processing and manufacturing has been fully started, all main parts are being carried out in an orderly manner. The 4M125(50) compressor parts will be completed by the end of October and the assembly test will be carried out in mid-November.
The person in charge of Shengu Group's reciprocating engine division told the reporter that the 4M125 large-scale reciprocating compressor is the core equipment of the domestic reciprocating engine industry and is a key project for the development of China's major equipment localization. This project is based on the introduction of the proprietary technology of the German BORSIG company's large-scale reciprocating compressors. It combines the company's many years of innovative results to present a design proposal. It has good technical support and technical support, and machine parts have a large safety margin.
The group also conducted detailed thermal and dynamic calculations and performance optimization analyses of the compressors, and checked the strength of the main transmission components and important load-bearing parts. They carried out finite element simulation and calculation of the most important load-bearing parts under the maximum load. Based on the introduction of the gas flow pulsation acoustic simulation analysis software and pipeline stress analysis software, they carried out innovations and expanded the application range. In addition, they also analyzed the gas modalities, pressure pulsations, and exciting force levels in the pipes, evaluated the vibration response levels of the pipes, and achieved effective control of the vibration of the compressor gas lines.

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