Beijing Metrology Institute won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Metrology and Testing Society

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] On May 20, 2019, the "5.20 World Metrology Day Memorial and the 2018 China Metrology and Testing Society Science and Technology Progress Awards Commendation Event" was held in the China Science and Technology Hall. The “Study on Quality Assessment and Risk Early Warning Technology of Smart Grid Energy Measurement System” completed by Beijing Institute of Metrology and Measurement Science was awarded the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Metrology and Testing Society. It is the provincial metrology institute. The only technology project that has won second-class and above awards.

The award-winning project "Study on Quality Assessment and Risk Early Warning Technology of Smart Grid Energy Metering System" is aimed at China's current "one-time life-test" energy metering system (that is, the first calibration of the smart meter before installation in the laboratory, no calibration will be performed after the installation is completed, to the verification The method of all rotation after the cycle (eight years) has the risk of misalignment in use, and may cause a lot of waste. Under the guidance of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Beijing Metrology Institute, in conjunction with the Beijing Institute of Electric Power, lasted seven years, through the long-term measurement performance tracking analysis of tens of millions of meters, formed two original quality assessment theory: based on component failure Sexual analysis of the batch energy meter measurement risk assessment theory and the use of neural network to quantify the impact of the use of environmental conditions on the energy metering performance theory; the creation of a non-standard condition energy reference standard value array, the first systematically solved the smart meter metering in the world The technical problems of key nodes such as pre-installation quality assessment, post-installation life prediction and high-accuracy field calibration in performance life cycle evaluation. The overall technology of the project has reached the international leading level, and all three core technologies are internationally pioneered.
The “China Science and Technology Progress Award” is a provincial-level scientific and technological progress award registered in the National Science and Technology Awards Office. It is the highest award in the national measurement technology industry. The judges are composed of more than a dozen academicians. The award-winning units are mainly sponsored by the National Institute of Metrology, the Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology, and other famous research institutes such as Tsinghua University. In recent years, Beijing Metrology Institute has closely focused on Beijing's key areas of social and economic development and major industrial needs, facing regional economic and social development, making scientific research into enterprises, writing papers in the industrial chain, and continuously improving its technological support capabilities. The results are constantly emerging. The research project of Beijing Metrology Institute has been widely recognized and highly appraised by experts and scholars including academicians. It has won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Metrology and Testing Society for two consecutive years.
(Original title: Our institute won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Metrology and Testing Society)

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