Anhua's output of major petrochemical products hit record highs

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In the first four months of this year, ammonia, urea, mixed methylamine, and dimethylformamide of Henan Coal Chemical Group's Anhua Chemical Co., Ltd. grew by 16.32%, 9.97%, 36.1%, and 29.03% year-on-year, respectively. The total industrial output value and sales value increased year-on-year. 14.58% and 9.87%. The output of many major products hit another record high.

Since the beginning of the year, Anhua has strengthened its inbound and outsourced work as its breakthrough point, continued to optimize its production process indicators, tapped potentials in depth, and strengthened employees' understanding of production and consumption. Through the optimization of process operations, intensifying the management of equipment classification, and the launching of the "Sports Generation Training" campaign, we have ensured that the company's production system is stable, long-term, full-optimized and operational.

4 Inch FRP Pressure Vessel

End Entry Design & Side Entry Design

Available in pressure rating of 300psi,450psi,1000psi
Can accommodate any standard make of 4" Membrane Element
Key Features
Min. Operating Temp.: 14°F / -10°C
Max. Operating Temp.: 150°F / 66°C
Factory Test Pressure: 1.5x Design Pressure
Internal permeate port not to exceed 125PSI(0.88MPa)
Operating pH Range: 3 – 11
Cleaning pH Range: 2 – 12 (less than 30 minutes)
Please operate in accordance with User Manual.

4 Inch FRP Pressure Vessel

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