Injured driver of 14 passengers at rear of two bus stations turned a blind eye

Injured driver of 14 passengers at two bus stations turned a blind eye to diesel generator | Diesel generator price / 2012-05-24

Yesterday evening, two buses were rearing their tails at the Ginza Sun City bus stop on Guanshan Avenue. Fourteen passengers were injured in varying degrees. After the incident, the driver did not appease the injured passenger, but got off the bus to check the crash situation, which caused dissatisfaction.
When the reporter heard the news rushed to the scene, an annoying 757 bus parked at the scene, scattered on the ground with glass fragments and auto parts, long brake marks are clearly visible. The front windshield of the car is broken, and the front left is sunken. A middle-aged man wearing a bus uniform said that the 715 road that was hit did not cause the problem to leave. The injured passenger was taken to the Optical Valley Campus of the Third Hospital of Wuhan City.
Mr. Zhang, who lives in Golden Sun City, said that at 6:20 in the afternoon, he was suddenly raining. He suddenly heard a loud noise from the “bang”. A fast-moving bus 757 hit the bus 715 that stopped at the bus station. In the car, passengers on both vehicles hurried off.
The reporter saw some injured passengers in the hospital. Ms. Zhou suffered a forehead injury and there was dry blood on her white shirt. She said that at the time of the incident, there was a packed seat in the bus. She was sitting at the back of the bus and was near the window. When the car went to the Sun City station, suddenly the whole body shook forward. With a loud noise, her head hit the car's guardrail and her blood on the forehead dripped. The chaos in the car caused many passengers to get off in a panic. After half an hour, 120 ambulances sent them to the hospital.
Ms. Ren was seriously injured and her chin was sewn with 9 stitches. She said that a total of 14 passengers were injured on the 757 bus. During the entire process, the driver neither stepped forward nor took the initiative to help.
The relevant person in charge of the bus company said that when the incident occurred, it was possible that the driver couldn't brake enough to cause a car accident. They will handle the matter properly.
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