How to lift the "umbrella" for the aerial vehicles in summer rainy days

In some parts of the summer, there is much rain, and when it comes to coming, it is an instant dumping, which often makes owners of high-altitude aerial vehicles unprepared. High-altitude trucks are also vulnerable to wind and rain. In this season, how to maintain the vehicle is not What about rain erosion?

First of all, we must wash the car first, and some high-altitude truck owners should wash the car immediately and then splash it wet and dirty. Wait until it is fine and then wash it! In fact, this is not correct. It is necessary to wash the car on rainy days not only to clean the dirt, but also to Protect the car paint. On rainy days, the car body is covered with a layer of soil. Once there is friction, it is like using sandpaper to paint the car. In addition, the car body has silt, and the acid rain carried on it is more likely to erode car paint.

In addition, on rainy days, it is often necessary to walk through some puddles on the way out, and the accumulated water is easy to hit on the chassis of the aerial working platform. Regular anti-rust treatment of the chassis should be carried out at the aerial working platform.

Secondly, we must keep the cabins of dry air trucks dry. When we drive outside in rainy days, how much will bring rainwater into the car, the inside of the car is prone to flooding, and over time, it can easily induce various bacteria. Therefore, we regularly dry the aerial platforms. Moisture-proof treatment is very important. When it comes to a sunny day with good sunshine, you can open the door to let more sunlight into the car. At the same time, you can also buy some moisture-proof agents and disinfect it regularly.

In rainy days, owners sometimes run into problems with engines that do not start easily. This requires a high-speed vehicle operator to check the circuit. The most critical is to check the high-voltage lines. Once it is discovered that the ignition system is wet and the engine performance degrades, it can be temporarily used. Dry paper towel or dry cloth wipes the inside and outside of the sub-disc and the wire, etc. If it is aged, it must be replaced in time.

When a high-altitude vehicle passes through a pond, it must slow down as much as possible. If the water is too deep, you can walk around.

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