June-August into the off-season, the car is exactly the bottom

In the first half of the year, the “backlog” sales pressure brewing in June and August concentrated release in the off-season June, July and August is the traditional off-season of the auto market. In the first half of this year, the auto market experienced a rare negative growth, which was generally unimpressed by the macro environment and gave auto companies “backlog”. A lot of sales pressure, so even if the off-season Shunde, there are many car dealers put a positive posture, downgrade promotions, car loan products, and so forth in an endless stream, hoping to attract consumers.

Industry sources pointed out that the auto market may recover in the fourth quarter, and now the off-season is a good time for consumers to "bottom the bargain."

Owners dictate: In April, the phase of the car price cuts 7,000 yuan in the public. Acheng has been planning to buy a car this year. It was intended to be shot during the May 1st period. In April, it entered the auto showroom and intended to ask in detail about the price. It was then affected by the earthquake in Japan. Affected, the auto market major brand models are generally out of stock, Acheng to see a certain European and American brand models also because of the transmission using Japanese parts and fell into tight supply.

At that time, the price range offered by the car dealers was not bright, and the sales staff were not enthusiastic. They also claimed that the model was planning to “increase prices,” causing Ah Cheng’s desire to buy cars to suffer a lot and he began to wait and see.

Since entering the month of June, Ah Cheng has received frequent calls from the sales staff of the store, saying that the model in that phase has already had a price cut of 7,000 yuan. There can be even more preferential rates for the detailed discussions in the store, plus subsidies for energy-saving vehicles. More than 10,000 yuan discount, extra gift package, and the attitude of a more earnest sincerely, and admittedly now is the off-season, selling pressure on the car, letting a margin greater than before.

Tips for buying cars In this off-season, what benefits should consumers focus on?

Insiders pointed out that traditionally, car dealers presented gift packages, insurance, etc. during the promotion. Most consumers are already familiar with it. However, in recent years, more and more car dealers have provided extended warranty services, but they have not yet received consumers. The sufficient attention is paid to the fact that, in actual use, extending the warranty service is much more rewarding than giving away quality benefits.

Because of the fine gifts offered by car dealers, many of them are slick and trivial. Their daily usage rate is not high, but consumers can take home a lot of gifts when they buy a car and feel that they have benefited.

The extended warranty service is intangible. It only shows value when scraping and maintenance are required during vehicle use. For many new owners, small accidents frequently occur in the first two years of buying a car. Warranty service can reduce a lot of economic pressure. General new car manufacturers to send 2 years warranty, if the dealer gifted for 3 years, equal to enjoy 5 years of warranty, which gives many owners have eaten a "centering pill", do not have to worry about thousands of dollars frequently maintenance costs.

● Reporter survey: off-season promotions cart loans to reduce consumer barriers industry insiders pointed out that many models off-season sales have been reduced by about 10% compared to the first half, has reached the bottom line of the traditional off-season, and now is a good time to buy a car.

The person in charge of the Buick 4S store pointed out that although the growth rate of the auto market slowed down in the first half of the year, it was relatively stable overall. However, due to too little harvest, many auto makers are expected to make a difference in the off-season. For example, Xie Buick is launching promotional gifts. activity. The production capacity of many Japanese brands affected by the earthquake also gradually recovered, and there was a lot of momentum in recovering market losses.

Industry insiders pointed out that many off-season sales of models have been reduced by about 10% from the first half of the year, and have reached the bottom line of the traditional off-season. It is now a good time to buy a car. Some consumers think that the fourth quarter is the climax of the annual sales promotion. We hope to continue to wait and see. Car dealers reminded that according to the law of previous years, the auto market is likely to pick up in the fourth quarter. When the sales volume rises, the discount rate will decrease. Therefore, instead of leaving the risk in the fourth quarter, it is not as decisive as it is now. The price is in fact very small.

“The environmental impact is the mentality of consumers. As long as they can reduce their psychological barriers to consumption, the purchasing power is still there.” The responsible person at the Xieli Buick 4S store pointed out that in Shunde, SMEs and their managers are the mainstream forces for car consumption. One of them, how to stimulate their desire to buy and tap potential customers is an important goal for many car dealers in the off-season.

The reporter learned that many car dealers have recently stepped up efforts to promote automotive financial products, especially for medium-to-high-end models, and will provide customers with multiple different plans to reduce down payment, extend repayments, reduce interest, etc. The financial pressures of many potential customers are temporary, not because of lack of purchasing power, but because they do not want to make one-off payments. Using financial car loan products can allow them to purchase in advance, and it can also improve work efficiency. More importantly, Their consumption mentality is greatly "reduced." Recently, high-end brands such as BMW and Lexus all focused on financial products in off-season promotions. The relevant person in charge of the Buick 4S store told reporters that after launching multiple financial product solutions this month, customers responded very well. Customers who chose to buy a loan accounted for this month. 40% to 50% of sales.

● Car dealers responded: Do not panic Most car dealers have controllable scope. Some car dealers stated that many car dealers were under pressure from stocks during the middle of last year. Many of them had to lose money at a loss and only needed to be able to ship goods as quickly as possible. This year actually did not reach this point, most car dealers inventory is within acceptable range.

In the first half of this year, the auto market was affected by the macro-environment, coupled with unexpected factors such as the earthquake in Japan, plunged into a bleak market. In April, it even saw a rare negative growth. “May 1st” raised a little God in a few days, and then it "Planting" into the quagmire of the off-season. Although the first half of the harvest, but many car dealers said they are not nervous, because the current situation compared to some time in previous years, not the worst.

Some car dealers stated that many car dealers were under pressure from stocks in the middle of last year. Many of them had to lose money at a loss, but they only wanted to be able to ship as quickly as possible. This year they did not actually reach the point where most car dealers stocked. Within the acceptable range, manufacturers have also adjusted their annual production targets in a timely manner, and the overall auto market is operating smoothly.

For off-season promotions, car dealers believe that the actual pressure is not great, and the mentality is not anxious, because the individual car dealer's "sell and drink" does not change the repressed environment in the auto market. With the macro-control in the first half of the year being a foregone conclusion, companies gradually accepted and sought to cope with all kinds of financing and upgrades. People's consumption psychology will also be attributed to rationality, and rigid demand will end. Although the second half of the year is unlikely to have seen an outbreak last year, the rebound in trading volume should be positive.

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