Relying on Advanced Technology and Equipment in Hunan Province

In recent years, Hunan Province has completed 785 research projects of national and provincial level research and development in basic research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, 356 scientific and technological achievements, 127 research and development of new Chinese medicines, and implementation of national and provincial levels. 132 industrialization projects, undertaken and implemented 12 high-tech industrialization demonstration projects of the National Development and Reform Commission, only 35 new Chinese medicine varieties with independent intellectual property rights were researched and developed in the province from 2004 to 2005, and the Hunan Province Chinese Medicine Research Plan Project 2008 The subject of the application was reviewed by experts, and 104 items were approved for inclusion in the scientific research plan. This laid a solid technical foundation for sustained and rapid development of Hunan's traditional Chinese medicine industry.
At the same time, the research and development system established and perfected by enterprises has strong strength in the research and development of new products of Chinese medicine, the application of new technologies, and the industrialization of scientific research results. Zhengqing Group and Jiuzhitang have established postdoctoral workstations. The investment in R&D of new products and new technologies by key Chinese medicine companies has accounted for 6.6% of sales revenue. At present, the number and level of new drug development in Hunan Province ranks fourth in the country. Supercritical extraction, ultrafine grinding technology, macroporous resin adsorption, membrane separation and other advanced technologies, as well as multi-functional extraction equipment, automatic numerical control drying equipment and other advanced equipment has been widely used in Hunan Province, Chinese medicine companies.

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