Cheng Li sprinkler truck annual inspection need to pay attention to the problem!

The owners put forward their own views on reforming the vehicle annual inspection system. The reason why the “non-operating” minibuses should be emphasized is because the current “one-size-fits-all” annual inspection system is unreasonable. Non-operating vehicles and operating vehicles are reviewed once a year and are unreasonable. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle management department to make recommendations, hoping to learn from foreign experience, the main body of the annual inspection and the necessary changes to the vehicle safety inspection will be implemented. (sprinkler)

Every time a vehicle is examined, the owner feels uncomfortable. The annual inspection of the vehicle has become an unpleasant experience that has plagued the owner for nearly two decades. Almost every vehicle inspection was told that the lights were not qualified. Even if it was just repaired, it was found to be a problem. Every inspection must-have lamp has become the custodial program of the annual inspection. In addition, there is a problem with the brakes. However, the maintenance personnel often receive a few tens of dollars after they stepped on the brakes. The owner said with emotion. Even if you just bought a new car and sent it to the inspection station for annual inspection, you will be aware of the problems, and if there is a real hidden danger, the annual inspection will often fail to find out. The vehicle inspection has formed an ugly strange phenomenon: no extra money, requalified car It can also pass the annual inspection, and if it fails to pass the inspection, it will be able to pass the annual inspection as long as the money is spent.The owner of the vehicle will not pass the annual inspection of the vehicle, and the vehicle inspection site will become a black workshop for collecting money and creating hidden dangers in traffic safety.

Owners initiated a campaign on Weibo to call for “10,000 auto owners’ signatures calling for the reform of non-operating minibus annual inspections”. The microblog has been forwarded more than 46,000 times. Many netizens shouted that they had the same or similar vehicle inspection experience as the owner. Some netizens even questioned whether the car was damaged or the conscience was broken. They strongly demanded that the annual inspection of vehicles should be reformed. The annual inspection standards, sequence and data should be open and transparent in order to be well documented. At the same time, the vehicle management department must be strictly controlled. Annual inspection fee, pay close attention to unhealthy style, put an end to formalism and unhealthy style.

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