The world's largest power five-cylinder mud pump was strong

As of July 22, Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the world's first 3000 horsepower five-cylinder mud pump in the Tarim Oilfield piedmont accumulated work more than 450 hours. Its operation ability, high reliability, high transmission efficiency, smooth operation, etc., by the operation team well received.
3000 horsepower five-cylinder mud pump is the world's first ultra-high power five-cylinder mud pump , with complete independent intellectual property rights. Compared with the traditional three-cylinder mud pump, the theoretical displacement and pressure fluctuation of the five-cylinder mud pump are only about 1/3 of the three-cylinder mud pump without air bag. In addition, its innovative structural design improves the reliability of wearing parts such as cylinder liners, pistons and cylinders, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
3000 horsepower five-cylinder slurry pump pump modular, skid-mounted design ideas, the whole or sub-parts move and transport. This structural layout of the entire pump group covers an area and footprint is minimized, especially for offshore drilling platforms and other equipment on the volume and weight requirements of the higher occasions.

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