Dahua CXY.W-1000 series drum type magnetic separator

CXY.W-1000 series drum type magnetic separator is a high-efficiency dry permanent magnetic separation equipment, which can be widely used in metallurgy, mining and other industries. The magnetic separation equipment adopts dynamic magnetic system, and its magnetic circuit design is unique. And advanced structure, light weight, reliable operation, easy adjustment and maintenance, with high extraction of mineral items, less tail throwing, small footprint, low operating costs and so on. The equipment is very suitable for arid and dry areas, is a super-poor magnetite, the key equipment for river sand mining and utilization, in addition to the existing stereotyped products, but also according to user needs to design different magnetic induction strength for different magnetic materials magnetic separator , The company has industrial samples and can provide users with small-scale industrial tests.

CXY.W-1000 series drum type magnetic separator is mainly applicable to the following range:

It can be used for pre-selection of low-grade, hard- soft ore, enrich iron ore resources, improve grinding grade, and reduce the cost of ore dressing. For river sand mine, magnetic separation of tailings (Note: The general mineral moisture is not more than 6% )

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