Schottel launches new generation propulsion unit

Schottel has announced that it will launch the company's latest generation of aircraft propulsion units. It is reported that this propulsion device called "NAV 200" will be exhibited at Europort in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in November this year.

According to reports, the Schottel Navigator propulsion unit uses the company's Schottel Rudderpropeller principle for about 60 years. The aircraft propulsion device consists of a propulsion device, a diesel engine and related equipment including a fuel tank and an electronic monitoring system. It is a self-contained system that can be bolted to the ship by the shipyard and can be maintained or repaired. The design is mainly used for barges. , floating cranes, ferries and work boats, but can also be used to propel any floating project.

The propulsion unit's prime mover can use a MAN or Caterpillar diesel engine with a clutch between the engine and the Rudderpropeller that can transmit power through the flexible coupling and the universal joint shaft. The propeller can be raised and dropped in the vertical direction and can be swung back. There are three basic variants of this series of propulsion units, namely NAV Basic, NAV Offshore and NAV soundproof, all with manual ventilation for the galvanized outer casing Offshore and the Soundproof. The propulsion unit uses a low-emission engine with a power range of 190 kW from NAV0320 to 746 kW for the NAV550.

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