Report Says Rapid Growth of US Solar Energy Industry in the Third Quarter

The United States Solar Energy Industry Association released a report on the 16th, said that despite the economic crisis, the US solar energy industry still achieved rapid development in the third quarter of this year.
The data provided in the report shows that in the third quarter, more than 27,000 households and business users installed solar energy equipment in the United States, and the installed capacity of non-residential photovoltaic power generation increased by 38% year-on-year to 103 megawatts. Judging from the state's newly installed capacity, California leads the list, followed by New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the total installed capacity of new solar power generation in the United States will exceed 1 gigawatt.
The report shows that in terms of prices, the average installation price of solar equipment in the United States for the first time in the third quarter was lower than US$6 per watt. According to the data released by the Berkeley Lawrence National Laboratory before, with the development of the solar energy industry and the popularity of solar energy equipment, the average installation price of photovoltaic power generation in the US has dropped from 10.8 US dollars per watt in 1998 to 7.5 per watt in 2009. Dollars.
The report believes that the rapid development of the US solar energy industry is mainly due to the strong support of the governments at all levels for the solar energy industry, as well as the decline in labor and operating costs.
According to data released by the solar market research organization SolarBuzz, in the first nine months of this year, the global photovoltaic industry market demand increased by 196% to 10.6 gigawatts. In the third quarter of this year, the global photovoltaic industry made a profit of US$17.9 billion, an increase of 74% over the same period of the previous year.

Refrigerant For Gearbox

How to cool the gearbox or gearbox in the wind turbine? According to the original approach, it may be to install some cooling devices to ensure that the gear reducer motor can be used properly. Inside is a cooling spiral pipe, connected with some cooling water. When the cooling water passes through the spiral pipe, the heat will be transferred to the cooling water, and the heat will be transferred out, so as to achieve the cooling effect. The disadvantage of using cooling water is that the flow rate of cooling water should not be too large, and the speed reduction motor must be able to pass through the gear arbitrarily. If you don't work for a long time, you will be in danger of freezing. You must drain the cooling water clean.

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