Self-owned brand car encounters "cold view hot discussion"

The second session of the China Independent Brand Automobile Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) will last 6 days. This is the first day.

Eighteen manufacturers, including Chery, Changan, Geely, and Yutong, brought more than 200 vehicles to participate in the exhibition. The scale is not large, but they basically include the mainstream auto brands in China.

According to several years of experience, a reporter from the science and technology daily newspaper believes that domestic exhibitions that are detached from the word "car" will be popular with the audience. Unexpectedly, when they were in it, they found that the audience was paralyzed.

Is it due to workdays that many people fail to arrive during work?

To this end, the reporter went to the Expo on Saturday the second day, and the number of visitors did increase. However, he still could not jump out of the word “寥寥”. Compared with the traditional auto show, the level of popularity was above and below ground.

When the reporter talked about the perception with a car manager at the scene, he also nodded frequently and felt the same feeling.

The ticket price for the Expo is not high, RMB 50, and teachers and students can also waive the ticket.

- The lack of foreign brands and joint venture brands in the auto show, encountered a cold face.

In stark contrast to this, another major content of the Expo, the “Self-Brand Automobile Development Seminar in China” received positive responses from government, companies, research institutions, and media professionals or semi-professionals. To jointly discuss how to "innovate and build Chinese cars".

Self-owned brand cars should go "politicized, demonized, and mystified"

Chen Jianguo, deputy director of the Department of Industrial Coordination under the National Development and Reform Commission, said that in the interpretation of the "automobile industry policy," China's own brand cars should go "three" - politicization, demonization and mystery.

He said that independent brands are not political issues but economic issues. “Independent brands can establish or distinguish whether the automobile is industrial capital or financial capital. If there is no such brand, then it is financial capital, not car capital; with the brand owned by the independent brand and capital, it is the automobile industry capital.”

“Everyone knows in their hearts that if you are a financial capital, it is definitely necessary to make profits with a joint venture with industrial capital. Why? The technology, management, and brand names of people need to pay. But if you are an industrial capital, the Industry, your brand is also valuable, you have technology, even if there is a gap, but after all there is technology, it is valuable to measure, so the problem of independent brand, although politically significant, but it is an economic problem, let's not politicize it. ”

Chen Jianguo said that the second is to "demonize." “Now that one’s autonomy, foreign investment is tense, and foreigners say that as soon as you engage in autonomy, we will exclude us. In fact, every foreign capital also has its own autonomy. Autonomy is in fact the autonomy of capital decision-making. Foreign capital also has its own brand. Chinese independent brands are Enterprises need to develop their own brands as capital, to obtain more benefits, so this is an equitable and natural economic problem. Foreign capital is understandable. Therefore, there is no need to attack independent brands and independent innovation, and it is considered that foreign capital should be excluded. This is also the idea. wrong."

The third is to "mysterize." Chen Jianguo said that the construction of self-owned brands is actually not a very mysterious thing, and Chery took a road. If you don’t take the road of your own brand, it will always be financial capital and you may be eliminated at any time because you don’t have your own technology, trademarks and brand value. If there is no market, then nothing will happen.

“You can take a look at the international multinational corporations and the automotive industry capital, who will produce other branded products. If you think about it, you don’t think you have a family. As the automotive industry capital, the first thing is to produce your own branded products, even if it’s Joint ventures should also produce their own branded products and jointly create value, so every capital of the automobile industry should have its own brand, its own capital, and its own branded products, based on this consideration to formulate policies, so that no The auto capital of independent brands will increase their own brands and maintain their own brands.”

The lack of self-owned brand car companies or talent

Sun Zhenyu, former Permanent Representative of the World Trade Organization, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Chairman of the China World Trade Organization Research Association, believes that talents are the most needed and the most lacking of self-owned brand car companies.

“In reality, we have seen that some high-end engineers in China and high-level engineers who are good at R&D have no use in joint ventures because the main R&D work of these joint ventures depends more on its parent company.” Sun Zhenyu said that at present, China’s elite technical talents are moving toward self-developed enterprises, and many people have experienced experience in joint ventures. Therefore, the flow of these people brings the knowledge accumulated by joint ventures to self-developed enterprises. This is us. Very much hope to see the development trend.

Sun Zhenyu strongly agrees with this view: Independent development is the most effective way to learn foreign technology. Independent development and open introduction are not contradictory and should be walked on two legs. The introduction of joint ventures can lead to the improvement of our company's product development capabilities. It is a good place for technical personnel to learn and master related technologies. “We hope that companies with independent brands like Chery and BYD can continuously improve their own independent R&D capabilities and continue to expand the influence of Chinese brands at home and abroad."

"In the beginning, when Britain became a manufacturing factory in the world, it was mainly because of its own core technology or its core competitiveness. This can be called a 'world manufacturing factory'. Now many of our companies do not have their own core technologies and do not have their own. Brands do not have their own core competencies, so we can only become a 'world processing factory' at most, and people are not willing to do anything, they are not worth doing, and they are also the lowest value-added activities."

“Without core technologies and without their own competitiveness, it is difficult to take the initiative and the first chance in international competition. Brand is the lifeblood of any company, the embodiment of corporate competitiveness, and the embodiment of intellectual property.” Sun Zhenyu The most successful South Korean company, Hyundai Group, for example: It has been assembling Ford cars since 1967. It has undergone the process of assembling semi-removed vehicles to assembling fully-replaced vehicles. However, it has always maintained a high degree of technical learning. Korea, 1973 The government has formulated a long-term development plan for the automotive industry, requiring South Korean companies to develop self-designed Korean cars, and taking this as an opportunity, the Hyundai Group will convert fully assembled and disassembled foreign cars into cars designed for domestic development.

In order to achieve this goal, the Hyundai Group sent engineers to many countries and many companies to learn the relevant technologies. They have embarked on a road of innovation by independently developing models and engines. This spirit of self-improvement is worthy of our corporate learning. In short, to improve China's capacity for independent research and development and create its own brand, trade protection alone is not feasible. Enterprises must continue to grow and strengthen themselves in the fierce competition in the international market.

Auto companies propose to establish their own brand auto industry alliance

In the forum speech, Hou Haijing, the newly appointed executive vice president of Huatai Automobile Holding Group and general manager of Huatai Automobile Group, raised the issue of how to define a self-owned brand automobile.

“At present, the definition of China’s auto brands is not uniform in the industry.” He believes that the so-called independent brands must have five conditions:

First, the technology of self-owned brand cars must be completely independent intellectual property rights;

Secondly, the names of companies and brands of self-owned brand automobiles must originate from China's own territory, register trademarks in China and abroad and fully own property rights;

Third, the sales area of ​​self-owned brand cars must be global, if there is only domestic production and sales, there will be no concept of autonomy;

Fourth, self-owned brand vehicles must have a strong international R&D team and R&D capabilities so that products can be synchronized with the world;

Fifth, the spare parts of self-owned brands should be based on local supply, especially the key core components, engines and gearboxes, and the supply rate should be 100% localized.

When talking about the technical innovation and fostering of self-owned brand automobiles, Hou Haijing stated that the competition in the future automobile market will be concentrated in the core areas such as technology research and product quality, and the independent brands must completely get rid of the image of low-quality, technologically backward products and be free from competition. In the initial stage, it is imperative to adopt technologies such as independent research and development, introduction, etc., and develop core technologies so as to continue to improve its core competitiveness.

He said that mastering core technologies is the key to the development of self-owned brands. Independent brands must set up international R&D teams, develop new technologies for cars through the introduction of talents and local talents, and develop products that suit China’s actual needs.

The automakers of their own brands must strengthen technical exchanges and communication with domestic and international auto academies and research institutes, achieve mutual improvement through exchanges and discussions, and strive to achieve technological synchronization with the world.

"I suggest that all domestic self-owned brand auto companies form an industry alliance of self-owned brand cars. Through regular seminars and exchanges, they will exchange ideas, learn from each other's experiences, and make progress together. Together, they will shoulder the responsibility of making China's own brands bigger and stronger. Cars, the task of rejuvenating the national industry." He said.

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